Uran Holding


In order to be better than today in tomorrow to be a leading company trusting himself, his country, employees and showing a continuous improvement and rendering services within the construction undertaking sector at international standards.

To reach our target of continuously improving customer satisfaction and improving our qualified services and products within Turkey and abroad on the basis of our knowledge and experience.

URANSAN Inc. undertakes the quality, environmental protection and work health safety as a policy for all the works performed,

* to be a brand within Turkey first and in the world later in the sector as a strategic goal, to be ready against the risks and jump at an opportunities that continuously scans the future and to react the changed in the sector and customer profile by increasing the added value in the products manufactured or services rendered and improving the competence power of the company as a whole,

* to organize in such a manner to react the changed and developments rapidly by continuously scanning the future, to have the coordination of the internal energy and dynamism to be reflected by the contributions of the employers who has reached a balance with their personal development and the development of the company, to create a “learning company” with continuous trainings and onsite learning,

* to be a company with a vision, showing a powerful acceleration for development by giving opportunities for change and adaptation without making a concession from his own values, having creativity at the highest level due to the uninterrupted communication among his personnel both in vertical and horizontal direction and consists of people trusting himself, his company and country and who do not accept being ordinary and has a vision

* to exceed himself by continuously asking himself the question “How can we develop ourselves in order to be better than today in tomorrow?” and targeting continuous improvement for customer satisfaction with innovative solutions by searching for the products with the same functionality and appearance with the help of scientific and technologic developments

* to act in compliance with national and international requirements and the rules of the institutions of which it is a member,

* to provide the protection our employees, visitors and everyone affected by our works in terms of occupational safety and health,and should train our employees and subcontractors on these issues and creating awareness for the environment.

* to determine the risks related to the occupational diseases and work accidents that might incur during our activities and take the required precautions,

* to use the natural resources in the most efficient manner and minimize the wastes produced from our activities and avoid pollution by recycling,

* to develop applied quality, environment, work health and safety management systems in order to have their continuity.