From powerful Uransan to more powerful Uransan...

With its 30 year experience, qualified personnel, large machine park, powerful financial structure, Uransan is one of the leading construction companies within Turkey.

By improving the competition power of the company as a whole, and becoming a brand within Turkey first and in the world later, Uransan is proud of adapting the changes in the sector and customer demands, being ready for the future risks and completing the projects undertaken before their deadlines.

In all the works realized, Uransan minimizes the negative affects against the environment at any stage of the production process including all the minor details and acts as if he is not the contractor but the owner of the works.

Uransan Inc. is organized in such a manner to react the developments and changes rapidly even when the working conditions are the worst and it is a company principle to deliver the works to the owners on time at the defined standards.

I would like to thank all relevant parties, our employers who believe and trust this principle of us and support us and our employees who reached a balance between their personal development and the development of the company for their contributions for our company.

All the Uransan members from the workers to the managers who competes with time, attempts to do the best of everything and tries to exceed his own borders with the aim to improve customer satisfaction with innovative solutions for the products with the same functionality and appearance In order to be a company which continuously grows and developed by the satisfaction of our internal and external customers with the help of the scientific and technologic developments. Are the real owners of all these works.

I want to thank all of them.

Nermin URAN
President of Board of Directors